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Art . War . "We Protest: Iowa Speaks Out"

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January 2007

"We Protest" is a show of twenty-seven powerful pieces by artists from the Cedar Valley who were concerned about the situation in Iraq. The show includes works in painting, drawing, photography, paper, mixed media, video, sculpture, and collage. (Click on thumbnail images to see larger versions from the exhibit.)


Chad Allen

Pam Echeverria

Dennis Perterka

Carol Macomber

Esther Cheng

Bobbie Fox

Margaret Whiting

Julie Russel-Steuart

Joan Webster-Vore

Aaron Wilson & Tim Dooley

Kamyar Enshayan

Pat Moreland

Scot Jon Schwestka

Kent Shankle

Lynn Montague

Scott Hudson

Dale Phelps

frje echeverria

Nancy Barsic

Mark Grey

Crit Streed

Ron Streed

Nikki Wilson Clasby

Jeanie Steffey

Daniel Clasby

Priscilla Meyerman


more about "we protest"

In Spring 2006, the Hearst Center for the Arts, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, announced the exhibition "First Fifty 2006: Works by Cedar Valley Artists". The first fifty artists to arrive at the center with their work by 8 a.m. on May 11, 2006, would be included in the show.

Some of us saw this as an opportunity to speak out about the war in Iraq. We asked a number of area artists to consider creating such a work and to arrive early on the 11th to be among the first fifty in line.  The show opening on May 20, 2006, was very well attended.

Since this event we have felt compelled to continue our protest by offering these works for exhibition in the hopes of having our voices heard.  To date the work has been shown at Altered Esthetics in Minneapolis; the Witter in Storm Lake, Iowa; Luther College in Decorah, Iowa; and United World College, in Montezuma, New Mexico.

—Joan Webster Vore & Pam Echeverria


participating artists: